An In-Depth Weekly Breakdown of the Mediabase Active Rock Chart 

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Good afternoon everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine at the sold-out Aftershock festival in Sacramento. It was another big success for Danny Wimmer Presents.

We have a brand new #1^ this week, moving up from #3 is Tool “Fear Inoculum.” The track is up 126 spins. Stepping back a slot to 2^ is The Glorious Sons “Panic Attack.” Jumping from #5 to #3^ is Highly Suspect “16,” up 153 spins. The band put on a fantastic performance at Aftershock. #4^ is Green Day “Father of All…” The track is up 93 spins.

#6^ is Korn “You’ll Never Find Me,” up 44 spins. Moving up a notch to #7^, Dinosaur Pile-Up “Back Foot,” up 22 spins. Jumping from #10 to #8^ is Papa Roach “Come Around,” up 70 spins. New airplay at KATT. Jumping into the top ten from #11 to #9^, Badflower “The Jester,” up 85 spins. I was fortunate to see them play from side-stage. Every time I see the band, the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger.

Moving #13 to #11^, Skillet “Legendary,” up 71 spins. New add at press time, WFTK. Moving up from #14 to #12^, Bad Wolves “Killing Me Slowly,” up 92 spins. New airplay at KOMP, WRCQ, WTPT, KXXR, and WHQG. Moving up three notches from #16 to #13^, Puddle of Mudd “Uh Oh,” up 129 spins. It’s time to move the track up in rotation and let it breathe-next stop, top ten. Wes and company performed acoustically at WDHA’s Rock and Roll Up Your Sleeves Puddle of Blood Drive. It was a massive success with Wes signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone. #15^ is Black Keys “Go,” up 70 spins. New airplay at KKBZ.

Moving up a notch to #16^, Saint Asonia “The Hunted f/Sully Erna,” up 56 spins. New airplay at WFTK and KQXR. Moving a notch to #17^, Alter Bridge “Would You Rather,” up 15 spins. Jumping up one slot to #18^, Ice Nine Kills “Savages,” up 43 spins. Spin leaders include Octane, Music Choice, WJJO, KILO, and KBPI. Moving up another notch, Weezer “The End of the Game,” up 23 spins. New airplay at KKBA, WJJO, and WEBN.

Moving a notch to #20^, Starset “Manifest,” up 19 spins. Jumping from #25 to #21^, Shinedown “Attention Attention,” up 155 spins. New airplay at WKRL, WXNX, WGRD, and KIOZ. #22^ is Killswitch Engage “I Am Broken Too,” up 32 spins. New airplay at WIXO. Leaping from #31 to #23^, Theory of A Deadman, “History of Violence,” up a whopping 238 spins. New airplay at Music Choice, KEGL, WMGM, WZBH, WRCQ, WBYR, KOMP, KQRC, WCPR, and WRXK. #24^ is Crobot “Lowlife,” up 57 spins. New airplay at KKBZ, WIYY, KMOD, WTKX, and WJXQ. Don’t let this one slip by. It’s not the same-old-same-old sound, so freshen up your playlist with Crobot. #25^ is A Day to Remember “Degenerates,” up 34 spins. New airplay at WRAT, WBSX, and KIOZ.

Moving from #28 to #26^, Fozzy “Nowhere to Run,” up 94 spins. New airplay at KOMP, WZBH, and KATT. New add at press time, KDJE, and WNOR’s Hummer Track of the Week. #27^ is Through Fire “All Animal,” up 16 spins. New airplay at WGRD, WWBN, WZOR, and WBYR. New add at press time, KFMW. #28^ is Halestorm “Black Vulture,” up 26 spins. New airplay at WFXH. Spin leaders include KILO, Sirius XM, KQRC, and Music Choice. Moving a notch to #29^, Blacktop Mojo “Can’t Sleep,” up 36 spins. #30^ is Fire From the Gods “Right Now.” New airplay at WFXH, WYBB, KIOZ, and KXXR. Make sure to bring this record into your music meeting this week. The band is touring with Five Finger Death Punch this fall.

Moving from #34 to #31^, I Prevail “Hurricane.” The track is up 88 spins. New airplay at WKQZ, WAAF, and WCPR. #32^, Post Malone “Take What You Want f/Ozzy Osbourne,” up 38 spins. New airplay at WEBN, KIOZ, and WJJO. Make sure to bring this into your music meeting. Ozzy’s vocals are instantly familiar. Let your audience decide. #33^, Bring Me the Horizon “Sugar, Honey Ice & Tea.” Jumping from #38 to #34^, Whiskey Myers “Gasoline,” up 53 spins. There’s a big story brewing here, with significant sales, streaming, ticket sales, and social media numbers. Already on WRIF, WEBN, KAZR, WJJO, KILO, and more. Make sure to bring this into your music meeting this week. #35^ is New Years Day “Come For Me.”

Moving a notch to #36^, Bones UK “Pretty Waste.” Spinning at WJJO, KIOZ, WEBN, KISW, KHTQ, KILO, and more. Debuting at #37^, Scott Stapp “Name,” up 29 spins. New airplay at KKBA, WRXR, and WCPR. Moving a notch to #39^, The Raven Age “Fleur de Lis.” New airplay at WXQR.

Waiting in the Wings: At #41^, Alice In Chains “Fly.” #44^, The Hu “Yuve Yuve Yu f/From Ashes to New.” The record is up 45 spins. Already on KBPI, KLAQ, and Octane two weeks before impact date.  New add at press time, WMMR Philadelphia.

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