An In-Depth Weekly Breakdown of the Mediabase Active Rock Chart 

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Only two more weeks, and then some of us will be on vacation. We have a new #1^ this week, Papa Roach “Come Around,” celebrating its 18th week on the chart. #4^ is Ozzy Osbourne “Under The Graveyard,” up 118 spins. Moving to #5^ is Bad Wolves “Killing Me Slowly,” up 91 spins. #7^ is Skillet “Legendary,” up 29 spins. Moving a notch to #8^ is Shinedown “Attention Attention,” up 68 spins. Moving into the top 10 at #9^ is Theory of A Deadman “History Of Violence,” up 30 spins. With several records moving out of the top ten, look for some space to open up on the chart next week.

#11^ is Saint Asonia “The Hunted f/Sully Erna,” up 25 spins. Look for this track to move into the top ten next week. KKBZ moves the record into medium rotation. New airplay at WRXK. Moving from #14 to #12^ is Volbeat “Die to Live f/Neil Fallon,” up 138 spins. New airplay at WEBN, WTKX, WBSX, and KDJE. Making a nice leap from Moving from #18 to #14^ is I Prevail “Hurricane,” up 83 spins. New airplay at WEBN, WWBN, KQXR, KLAQ, and WGRD. Moving from #17 to #15^ is Starset “Manifest,” up 57 spins. New airplay at KATT.  

#17^ is Fozzy “Nowhere to Run,” up 11 spins. New airplay at WKQZ, WRKZ, and KIOZ. Make sure the track is in your music meeting as we approach the break. Moving from #21 to #18^ is Fire From the Gods “Right Now,” up 43 spins. New airplay at WRKZ. Spin leaders include KHTQ, KKBA, KILO, WIIL, and WJJO. #19^ is Killswitch Engage “I Am Broken Too.” Spin leaders include Octane, Music Choice, KHTQ, WJXQ, KILO, and WZOR. #20^ is Crobot “Lowlife,” up 19 spins. New airplay at WEBN and KEGL. I just saw the lineup for the 2020 edition of the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and Crobot will be performing. Go to and check out the lineup.  

At #22^ is The Hu “Yuve Yuve Yu f/From Ashes to New,” up 11 spins. New airplay at KKBZ. Now is the time to move this record up in rotation and let your audience experience some Mongolian rock. Moving a notch to #24^ is Dirty Honey “Rolling 7’s.” The track is up 62 spins. New airplay on WNOR and WRKZ. New add at press time, WYBB.  

#26^ is Slipknot “Nero Forte.” The band will be one of the headliners at Sonic Temple, tucked in between two nights of Metallica on Friday and Sunday. Moving a notch to #27^ is Whiskey Myers “Gasoline.” There have already been 60 sold-out shows in 2019 and counting. They’re consistently doing between 3k and 4k tickets a night. I’ve been blown away watching them develop and break on their own. This is a band you should be familiar with. Folks at radio should be embracing them wholeheartedly. Listen to it in this week’s music meeting. Debuting at #29^ is Ozzy Osbourne “Straight To Hell,” up 194 spins.  

#31^ is Bones UK “Pretty Waste,” up 31 spins. Make sure this Grammy-nominated band is in your music meeting this week. New airplay at Octane and WYBB. #32^ is The Blue Stones “Shakin Off the Rust,” up 21 spins. New airplay at WAAF, WZBH, KNCN, and KQXR. Freshen up your playlist with this track. Moving a notch to #33^ is Otherwise “Lifted,” up 18 spins. New airplay at WJXQ, KILO, WTPT, WTKX, WWBN, and KATT. Moving a notch to #34^ is Sum 41 “Never There,” up 11 spins. New airplay at WZOR. Make sure to check out the video HERE. Jumping from #40 to #35^ is Royal Bliss “Paranoid,” up 37 spins.  

Moving a notch to #36^ is Rubikon “Blood On My Hands.” Debuting at #37^ is Sleeping With Sirens, “Agree to Disagree,” up 35 spins. New airplay at WXQR and WRAT. The band will be performing at Sonic Temple in 2020. Make sure you put an asterisk next to their name; they are a must-see act. #40^ is Black Moods “Whatcha Got.” New airplay WDHA, KLAQ, and WKQZ. I can’t say enough what a great live band this is. Make sure the track is in your music meeting as we close out the year.  

Waiting in the Wings: At #41^ is Bring Me the Horizon “Ludens.” #43^ is Clint Lowery “Kings.” #44^ is Jasta “When the Contagion Is You.”  

Dropping on December 6 will be Breaking Benjamin f/Scooter Ward from Cold, “Far Away.”  

I’ll stop here knowing that most of you still have holiday brain. Your feedback is important.

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